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The State of the Store: A Quick Update


 Well, it’s been 24 hours since my plea went out to save the store, and a lot has happened since.  The store has been inundated with well-wishers, whom I must thank again.  I appreciate your appreciation!

The current count of t-shirt orders stands at 542.  Halfway there!  Apparently word has reached BoingBoing, Wired and Enworld.  Thanks to everyone who is spreading the word.

The nice man from the IRS visited today.  We talked for a short while, and he gave me various forms and papers to fill out.  After I showed him what I was attempting with the t-shirt presales, he gave me until the end of the month to come up with the back taxes.  If that doesn’t happen, then the IRS will put a lien on the store, which essentially would lead to a cascade of collection efforts by the store’s other creditors.  That would be Bad.

 Some folks have written in asking if they could simply contribute directly, as they really weren’t t-shirt people.  Of course you can!  Pandemonium’s PayPal acct is  If you do this, please include contact info, if case we have to get in touch with you for whatever reason.   We are looking into the possibility of ordering other forms of garments beside t-shirts: sweatshirts, long-sleeved shirts and so forth. I’ll keep you posted. 

Other friends of the store are fixing to donate goods and services for a Support Pandemonium Raffle.  If you have an idea for something you would like to contribute for the Raffle, please email a description to tyler(at)pandemoniumbooks(dot)com, with “Raffle” in the subject line.  Items being discussed include a gourmet 5-course meal, crafts of various sorts, even baked goods! 

Other ways folks can help out is to buy a gift certificate for any amount they are comfortable with.  While this option doesn’t reduce the store’s  debt at all (just moving it around as is were), it would still be a big help. 

Thanks again, and keep speading the word!

EDIT: changed tyler(at)pandemonium(dot)com to tyler(at)pandemoniumbooks(dot)com


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