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Upcoming Author Signings At Pandemonium

hey all,

As a part of the celebration of Pandemonium's 19th anniversary (19 years!  OMG!), I been busily arranging author signings and other events for the month of November.  I'm still finalizing many of them, including the Anniversary Sale (taking place Nov. 7th-9th), and I'll tell you about them later.  Now however, I have three signings that I can officially post:

On Friday, Nov. 7th at 7pm: Elizabeth Bear will be in to sign her new book  ALL THE WINDWRACKED STARS.

Then on Tuesday, Nov. 11th at 7pm: Walter H. Hunt will sign A SONG IN STONE.

Lastly (for now), Joe Haldeman, Jeff Carver and Chris Howard will gather for a group signing on Thursday, Nov. 20th, at 7pm.  They all have new books out: MARSBOUND from Joe Haldeman, SUNBORN, by Jeff Carver and SEABORN (no relation to SUNBORN) by Chris Howard.

Watch the Skies!

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