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Fans4Writers Event, December 14th, 12PM to 3PM + Bonus Appearances!

So, I've been very busy and mysterious around the store this week, but I can now announce officially what I've been sneakily up to! This is copied from the newsletter because, between working both Pandemonium and Target and working on arranging this, I managed to get myself a cold, and I'm home sick and shockingly lazy because of it.


1. Fans4Writers Event, December 14th, 12PM to 3PM + Bonus Appearances!

Have you been following the events of the Writers Guild of America strike? If not, you may not know that every time you watch a TV show on a network’s site, it counts as a promotional viewing...and the writers don’t get paid.

On December 14th, there will be an assembly of writers, fans (and potential celebrity guests!) at the Meeting House of the First Parish (Unitarian Universalist) Church in Harvard Square. Joss Whedon, Rob Kutner and other Daily Show crew, and Jaime Paglia, co-creator of "Eureka" will talk about the cause the fans are supporting, followed by a march to a rally at the Harvard Lampoon building, where so many great television comedy writers cut their teeth. Pandemonium will be at the church, in the form of Martin and I, with coupons for 18% off for this weekend (the 14th through 16th) only.

*AFTER THE RALLY* all three of them (plus any other WGA members and authors who show up and want to) WILL BE COMING TO PANDEMONIUM. While anyone is free to join us (can't get off work in the mid-afternoon? Drop in and let them know you support them!), if we start hitting firecode levels, preference will be given to people who attended the rally. They will all be signing things; bring your own copies, or we will have the first season of 'Eureka', lots of Whedon stuff from Buffy, Angel and Firefly, and 'America, The Book' at the store. If there is something specific you want to get signed, we will TRY to get it, but you need to call Tyler at the store (617-547-3721) on Monday the 10th. We know it's late notice; we just got confirmation this afternoon.

If you’re free for a few hours on the afternoon of the 14th, consider throwing on a Pandemonium shirt to show your geekiness and identify yourself as part of the fan community, and come and help support the writers who make the shows so awesome.

More info:

2. Make your own Posters for the Fans4Writers Event

Jaime Paglia, who is organizing the above event, encourages people to bring their own signage for the march to the Lampoon building. If you would like to use all our spacious tables to create your masterpieces, please feel free to come in. Tyler has offered to buy posterboards and poster paint and/or markers if people want to come and work at the store. Just let us know you're coming - and if anyone would be interested in organizing a short-notice poster party any night this week, please contact us at events @ pandemoniumbooks .com, or call the store to work things out.

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