About Pandemonium's Anniversary Sale (aka the Geek Central Passport)

Instead of our regular big Anniversary Sale, we are doing the Geek Central Passport program. All you need to do is pick one up at the store a couple days before Geek Central, and collect stamps during festival. The more stamps you get, the bigger the discount you get:

  • 1 stamp = 5% off!

  • 2-3 stamps = 10% off!

  • 4-6 stamps - 15% off!

  • 7-10 stamps = 20% off!

  • 11-15 stamps = 24% off!

  • 16+ stamps = 25% off!

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Go to geekcentral.org to learn more!

Planning for Upcoming Author Events

We have a slew of author signings coming up this Fall (Steven Brust, Stephen Lynch and Naomi Novik to name a few), and we need to figure out where we can fit them in the store, or even if we need another venue!

If you are the type of person who likes to meet authors, please fill out the following survey. It will take only a minute!



Edit: added link to survey (cough, cough)

Dragon's Maze Release At Pandemonium Starting Tonight At Midnight!

Pandemonium will be releasing Dragon's Maze tonight at Midnight! (that's Thurs nite/Friday - wee hours of the morning).

We're having our traditional Midnight Madness at the store, along with more special events on Saturday (1pm Sealed Deck) and Sunday (Mutant Intro Draft) in addition to Friday Night Magic. Take a look at our web site
www.pandemoniumbooks.com for more info.

Go QUEST, Young Fan!

Hm.  Got a call from Luke Verge, casting producer for QUEST, an upcoming reality TV show.   He's looking for folks interested in spending 21 days in August in an as yet undisclosed exotic location participating in what seems will be extreme LARPing.
Here's the blurb:
"Do you believe there is a hero inside of you just ready to come out?  Have you ever thought you were meant to live in another world where fantasy and adventure go hand and hand? Have you ever desired to become a legend? Do you feel more at home losing yourself in the movies you watch or the games you play than in the real world that surrounds you?
From an Executive Producer of the award winning The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and the Emmy award winning creators of The Amazing Race comes an epic and groundbreaking new competition show for a major network, the likes of which have never before been seen on television!
We are searching nationwide for adventure seeking, fantasy enthusiasts of all kinds who are ready to go on the epic journey of a lifetime!"
If this sounds like you or someone you know please email the following information to jlegrandecasting@gmail.com:
Current Address
current photo
Your hobby/fascination (ie. larping, RPG, ComiCon, Game of Thrones, etc)
What makes you perfect for a show like this?

Edit:  Luke tells me that he actually needs to receive the applications within the next day or so, as he will only be in Boston a short time.

Pandemonium's 3rd Annual GeekFaire Today!

This is a last, quick reminder that Pandemonium's 3rd Annual Geekfaire & Sale is happening today!  Not only can you pick up some neat geeky gifts for the holidays but you can also get take part in Pandemonium's GeekFaire Sale and receive up to 20% off!

Here's how the sale works: when you buy from one of the vendors in the GeekFaire, you will get a coupon.  Every different coupon gives you a stacking 5% discount on nearly all Pandemonium merchandise.  Buy from one vendor, get 5% off, buy from three different ones, get 15% off.  Maximum possible discount is 20%.

The GeekFaire and the Sale will from from noon-6pm today.
This year's vendors will be:
Bedridden Bohemian
Bedridden Bohemian creates jewelry & crafts for the fabulous diva & eccentric geek, specializing in earrings, barrettes, pins, and keychains that incorporate Pez heads, kazoos, erasers, hardware store items, and all manner of knick-knacks that comprise the flotsam on the tide of pop culture.  Handmade beaded earrings and necklaces in a variety of styles are also available for the more traditional diva with a modern, colorful flair.
The Badgery
Comic- and magic-related buttons and badges!  All buttons $1 each!
Silver Owl Creations
Steampunk and fantasy jewelry in wire, particularly wire wrapped antique key pendants.  They also have steampunk and elven/faery wire bracelets, swirly wire earrings, and other wire wrapped or sculpted wire jewelry and accessories.
Karyn's Fantasy Knitware 
Knitted hats and scarves you've seen on TV and the movies-- Harry Potter (all houses!), Dr Who, Jayne hats (from Firefly) in both adult and children's sizes. Some Santa hats too!
Post- Meridian Players 
The Post-Meridian Radio Players is Boston’s premiere radio drama troupe. We’ll have CDs of several of our productions ranging from scifi to horror to comedy. We’ll also have a selection of great geeky gifts including our always popular coffee soda.
Jade Forest Armory 
Various swords, axes, daggers, Custom leather bracers, assorted steampunk related items and interactive puppets.

Hope to see you here!
4 Pleasant St
Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States

Pandemonium Pot Luck Cancelled!!!

I'm sorry to say that the Pot Luck dinner scheduled for this Sunday has been cancelled.  Only two people submitted dishes.  This is our fault, we simply did not get word out far enough in advance.
We will do this another time, and give you all proper notice!